Golden Cauliflower Chowder + Food Waste

I was recently introduced to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and now I am addicted to the show. Oliver brings up issues that most media outlets (I am looking at you FOX News) either get completely wrong or present it in a way that is flat out offensive to the viewer. If you haven’t seen these clips from the show, I recommend this one, this one, and this one, just to start off with.

turmeric cauliflower anti inflammatory soup chowder turmeric cauliflower anti inflammatory soup chowder

One episode discussed food waste and it made me reflect on my own purchasing of produce. I hate to admit it but I have recently wasted food. During Vegan MoFo, I was creating new recipes too frequently to eat it all. 30 recipes in 30 days was too much food for Mark and I. Food was forgotten; a burger that I meant to put in the freezer was now two days too old, half an onion went bad, a cup of soup left unattended in its tupperware, and an avocado was now blackened in the back of the fridge. I did not mean to do this on purpose. I thought to myself that I would get around to it but I didn’t and food was thrown away. …

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