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Buffalo Chickpea Salad with Creamy Ranch Dressing (All Vegan!)

Buffalo Chickpea Salad with Creamy Ranch Dressing (All Vegan!)

Buffalo wings use to be my absolute go-to bar food and when I first went vegan I was craving wings. I haven’t eaten chicken wings since committing myself to veganism but my friends ask me if I would eat a chicken wing ever again and my response is always: “Sure if it wasn’t made out… Read More

Love It! List: March 2014

Love It! List March 2014

How is it April 2nd already? I have been hypnotized by the sun shining and the fact that it is not minus a zillion degrees out! My apologies but you can’t blame a girl for wanting to be outside picking up some spring produce, fresh cut flowers and drink the now very occasional Americano and… Read More

Oil Free Black Bean Dip and The Big Salad

Oil Free Black Bean Dip/ The Big Salad

I have been a bad vegan lately: a lot of carbs, lacking vegetables and certainly not getting enough protein in my diet. Balance was non-existent for a little bit. It has been all school-work-school-work over and over and I had been feeling unmotivated to do little else when I got home besides homework and making… Read More

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Hello! My name is Jessica DeMarra and I started Sprouts and Chocolate to combine my passions of writing, photography and vegan food. I use to be a hardcore carnivore but made the switch to a plant based diet in Feb 2013. I love hot sauce, my fat cat Barb and of course anything with chocolate. Here I hope you will find that vegan living can be easy, economical and most importantly delicious.
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