Day 9 Vegan MoFo: Peach & Whiskey Upside Down Cake

upside down peach and ginger cake gluten free vegan

Day 9 of Vegan MoFo: Retro Recipe! When I think of a retro recipe, my mind goes to this cookbook that every mother since the 1970’s seemed to own, my own mother included. Thankfully, my mother spared me from Party Potato Salad loaf, Frozen Cheese Salad, and anything with a mixture of gelatine and mayo….

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One Bowl Gluten Free Chocolate-Cherry Muffins

Sprouts & Chocolate: One-Bowl Gluten Free Chocolate Cherry Muffins

Something magical and terrifying happened to me this week. I panicked, I cried and then felt wildly elated. I have decided not to study Nutrition in university. BAM! Like a bomb went off in my brain sending my goals and plans into a million different directions leaving my mind with nothing but a ruined mess,…

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Chocolate Lovers’ Brownie Cups { Vegan & Gluten Free}

Sprouts & Chocolate: Fudgy Brownie Cups {Vegan & Gluten-Free}

“This one is for all the lovers out there”….is something I would say about this post if I were a cool jazz saxophone player in a dark smoky bar. This is not the case at all but a girl can dream! Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! I am sure all you couples are making plans, dinner…

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