Raspberry-Lemon Chia Seed Pudding

Raspberry-Lemon Chia Seed Pudding. Soy free, gluten-free and vegan

I am kind of late to the chia seed pudding party but better late than never right? First time I ever had chia seed pudding I hated its slimy texture and almost gagged with the first spoonful. It grossed me out and I didn’t eat it again until very recently when Mark was looking for…

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Roasted Greek Potato Rounds with Olive-Tomato Salsa and Cashew Tzatziki Sauce

Sprouts & Chocolate: Roasted Greek Potato Rounds with Olive-Tomato Salsa and Cashew Tzatziki Sauce. Great appetizer to share or a main meal with a green salad. This recipe is vegan and gluten free. Cashews make this tzatziki sauce creamy and fresh!

With Mark playing at a music festival in England this week I decided to do all the ridiculous things I use to do when I lived on my own. Those shameful guilty pleasures that you only indulge in when you are the only one around: Destiny’s Child on FULL blast! Watch ALL the new Once…

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Sunday Staple: Basic Cashew Cream {10 Ways}

Sprouts & Chocolate: Basic Cashew Cream {10 Ways} Cashew cream is vegan magic! Soaked cashews are so creamy and delicious when blended that you won't be missing the dairy. Use this recipe as it or the 10 ways I use it in the above introduction. Play around with flavours to suit your dish since cashews have a wonderful neutral taste and acts as a background to which ever flavour you want to create.

Wooooah Day 14! While this challenge is stressful at times, it does have its rewards: connecting and constantly being inspired by other bloggers, strengthening my organizational skills and always having my fridge stocked with prepared meals! Mark and I have not ordered takeout or eaten at a restaurant since VeganMoFo started. You are probably thinking…

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