Cleansing Vegetable Miso Broth w/Greens

Sprouts & Chocolate: Cleansing Vegetable Miso Broth. Vegan and gluten free.

Good morning 2015. Happy New Year! I am sure you are reading this with a slightly fuzzy brain this morning (as I am posting this with one) but I hope you enjoyed your holidays and rang in the new year wearing something sparkling and kissing someone special.  I am so sorry for the delayed post…

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Pureed Broccoli and Cheezy Soup

Sprouts & Chocolate: Pureed Broccoli and Cheesy Soup. This soup can be served on its own or topped with garlicky croutons or with Ultimate Vegan Nacho Cheese. This recipe makes a huge portion so you can freeze half and have the other half ready to go for your work week. Vegan and Gluten-Free.

Day 26 of VeganMoFo…. Fall is a little early this year. Don’t get me wrong I love Fall but it is still sad to see summer go. There are definitely things to love in Fall: boots, scarfs, not shaving your legs everyday (or until Spring haha!), big cozy sweaters that you would never wear outside…

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Vegan Beer & Chocolate Chili with Smoky Sofrito Sauce

Sprouts & Chocolate: Beer & Chocolate Chili with Smoky Sofrito Sauce. This dish can be served two ways: mild but flavourful with Cashew Cream or with a Smoky Sofrito sauce for the heat lovers. Vegan and can be made gluten free!

Day 19 of VeganMoFo…. This week my younger sister Sarah came up to Toronto to visit me. She and I could not be more different since we disagree about almost everything. I wrote in an old post how incredibly picky my sister is and apparently she has not grown out of it. She likes gummy…

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