Day 1 Vegan MoFo: Weekday & Weekend Breakfasts

Easy Morning Tofu Scramble from Sprouts & Chocolate #vegan #glutenfree #breakfast  (1 of 1)-3

Rise and shine, it is MoFo time! I am so excited for this year’s Vegan Month of Food! Last year, I posted 18 recipes in just one month but this year, I am committed to doing the full 30. A year has past, I feel more confident as a food blogger, S&C has had a…

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Green Kombu-Juice

Sprouts & Chocolate: Green Kombu-Juice. #raw #vegan #nutfree #glutenfree #greenjuice

Green juice and me, we aren’t the best of friends. To me, green juice is “that friend” who is not really your friend but you put up with them because everyone else is in love with them. I know all the benefits of juicing and watched all the documentaries about it but I just haven’t…

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Coconut-Chai Chocolate Pudding

Sprouts & Chocolate: Coconut-Chai Chocolate Pudding. Vegan, gluten-free and mostly raw. #vegan #sproutsandchocolate

  Sorry about the delay in posting but I have some good news. Exams are done, I repeat, exams are done! Isn’t that just the best feeling? After my exam, I came home to Mark, who had a sandwich and coffee ready for me, hooray! Also the cookbooks I ordered, My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based…

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