Day 3 Vegan MoFo: Savoury Za’atar Socca

Za'atar Chickpea Socca w- Garlic Tahini Dressing #glutenfree #quick #easy #delicious #vegan (1 of 1)-10

Day 3 of Vegan MoFo is all about making meals that are quick, easy, and delicious! My mind went straight to stir fry but as soon as I started making one, I realized that all the chopping was not all that quick. Maybe I am a slow chopper but I wanted a meal that was…

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Roasted Chickpea + Vegetable Bowl w/ Za’atar Tahini Sauce

Sprouts & Chocolate: Roasted Chickpea + Vegetable Bowl w/ Za'atar Tahini Sauce. Vegan and gluten-free.

Blogging is a funny thing, sometimes I have so many ideas and think to myself “You are a genius Jess!” but then other times, like right now, I sit at my desk in my sweats and watch the cursor blink, mocking me like “So…do you have any thoughts?” My brain has been drained a little…

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Lemony Za’atar Hummus

Sprouts & Chocolate: Lemony Za'atar Hummus. Vegan and Gluten Free

I hope everyone is enjoying their winter hibernation mode as much as they possibly can. Friends going on Netflix was probably the best/worst thing to happen to me this winter since exams are looming in the (very) near future. As soon as I get home from school I have my routine of: hair up, sweats…

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