Day 12 Vegan MoFo: SC Hippie Bowl w/ Citrus Miso Sauce

vegan hippie bowl with tofu citrus miso sauce

I own a lot of cookbooks. Probably too many. When reading today’s prompt, I looked at my shelves and asked myself which one of these books I love the most; I don’t have an answer. Each one is special to me in a different way and I have invited them all into my kitchen at…

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Day 11 Vegan MoFo: Antioxidant Power Smoothie, Pink & Purple

antioxidant power raspberry blueberry smoothie vegan gluten free raw

Day 11 of Vegan MoFo is all about nutrient-rich recipes. This post is antioxidant focused! Antioxidants are not technically nutrients but they play such an important role in our bodies. Antioxidants combat the effects the process of oxidation on your cells. Time to beat those free radicals! 

Anti-Inflammatory Orange Smoothie

Sprouts & Chocolate: Anti-Inflammatory Orange Smoothie

First of all, my apologies for the late posting. Things have been crazy here between work and school and finding my way to the kitchen has been difficult. With the sun going down in the early hours, making and photographing a recipe has been almost impossible. I hope I kept you motivated to eat healthfully…

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