Green Kombu-Juice

Sprouts & Chocolate: Green Kombu-Juice. #raw #vegan #nutfree #glutenfree #greenjuice

Green juice and me, we aren’t the best of friends. To me, green juice is “that friend” who is not really your friend but you put up with them because everyone else is in love with them. I know all the benefits of juicing and watched all the documentaries about it but I just haven’t…

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Roasted Asparagus Bowl with Lemony Hollandaise Sauce

Sprouts & Chocolate: Roasted Asparagus Bowl with Lemony Hollandaise Sauce. Vegan and gluten free

Whenever someone at work bugs me, since I work in a restaurant this occurs as frequently as breathing, my friend Maeghan and I play the game “You know what grinds my gears?…” I think I saw it on a Family Guy episode though I am not crazy about the show. It is just a silly…

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Roasted Chickpea + Vegetable Bowl w/ Za’atar Tahini Sauce

Sprouts & Chocolate: Roasted Chickpea + Vegetable Bowl w/ Za'atar Tahini Sauce. Vegan and gluten-free.

Blogging is a funny thing, sometimes I have so many ideas and think to myself “You are a genius Jess!” but then other times, like right now, I sit at my desk in my sweats and watch the cursor blink, mocking me like “So…do you have any thoughts?” My brain has been drained a little…

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